We are currently holding workshops at Barton Road Centre. All materials are provided at of our workshops. There are no hidden or extra charges, although you can buy kits to take away with you, or specialised embroidered fabrics if you want to make that extra special book. These items are priced individually, and you can purchase them at a workshop.
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We do workshops in a variety of settings, making a variety of books but if you want to hold a workshop in your home, then just contact us.

Workshops in your own home ...

There are just a few things you need to hold a workshop in your home ...

  • at least 4 friends, plus yourself
  • a fairly large table that everyone can get around, or enough worktop space
  • a full day without interruptions, usually 6 hours (10am-4pm). This allows everyone half an hour for a lunch break.

In that time, everyone will make a traditionally handmade casebound book. All materials are provided, including a wide range of fabrics for covering the books.

If this appeals to you, contact me via our contacts page and I'll get back to you.